When water, fire, or mold damage strikes a home or business, the consequences can be overwhelming. The emotional and financial strain can feel unbearable, but we get it and we’re here to help! We bring expertise, compassion, and a sense of reassurance to those facing such challenges, guiding them through the recovery process and restoring their property to its former state. We want you back in your home ASAP! So, let’s jump into it.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can stem from various sources, like burst pipes, floods, or natural disasters. The key to minimizing damage and preventing mold growth is swift and careful intervention. Our experts follow a meticulous process to ensure the best outcomes:

  1. Assessment and Inspection: With advanced tools, professionals quickly determine the extent of the water damage, forming a clear plan to tackle it.
  2. Water Extraction: Using powerful pumps and vacuums, they remove standing water, stopping further damage in its tracks.
  3. Drying and Dehumidification: Industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers dry the area thoroughly, preventing mold growth and additional harm.
  4. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Affected surfaces and belongings are cleaned and sanitized, creating a safe and healthy environment.
  5. Restoration and Repairs: Finally, they repair or replace damaged structures, bringing the property back to its pre-damage condition.

Fire Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire can leave a property in ruins, but we will work tirelessly to bring it back to life. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Emergency Response: Quick action secures the property, halting further damage.
  2. Damage Assessment: A thorough inspection reveals the full extent of fire, smoke, and soot damage.
  3. Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Services: They protect the property from the elements and additional damage with board-ups and tarps.
  4. Smoke and Soot Removal: Using specialized equipment, they eliminate smoke and soot from surfaces and air ducts.
  5. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Every restorable item and structure is cleaned and sanitized, removing all traces of damage.
  6. Deodorization: Industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment ensure the removal of lingering odors.
  7. Restoration and Reconstruction: Whether it’s minor repairs or major reconstruction, they handle it all, restoring the property to its original condition.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a hidden menace, affecting indoor air quality and health. Gallagher Restoration professionals tackle mold with a detailed and careful approach:

  1. Inspection and Mold Damage Assessment: They identify the type and extent of mold, forming a precise plan for removal.
  2. Containment: Containment measures prevent mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process.
  3. Air Filtration: Advanced filtration equipment captures microscopic mold spores, cleaning the air.
  4. Mold Removal: Anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatments eliminate mold colonies and prevent new growth.
  5. Cleaning of Belongings: Furniture, clothing, and other items are cleaned and sanitized.
  6. Restoration: From minor repairs to major reconstruction, they restore the property to its safe and healthy state.

Lastly the biggest part. The Emotional Aspect of Restoration.

Beyond the physical repairs, Gallagher Restoration professionals understand the emotional toll these events can take. They offer support, guidance, and empathy throughout the recovery journey, helping property owners navigate insurance claims and repair decisions, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.